Welding tables

Production of welding tables to order individually according to your sizes.

Manufacturing of welding tables

There are a large number of welding tables on the market. When choosing the right model, consider the following:

  • Table top material. It can be created from cast iron, steel, using plasma nitriding.
  • The thickness of the tabletop and the presence of a mounting system. Thickness varies from 8 to 35 mm. The fastening system allows you to fix the workpiece to increase comfort during work.
  • Working area size.
  • Load capacity.

The table must be durable and have high rigidity. Additionally, it can be equipped with an exhaust system to protect the specialist from harmful substances released during welding.

These are the main factors that should influence the choice of welding table. Turning to us, you get a model that will fully meet your needs. We use only high-quality materials in production, and the products fully comply with international standards.

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