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These are just examples of the parts we can make for you. To order, we can produce almost any part. All the dimensions of the pieces are individually created according to your needs.
Ripper for Excavator
Root Extractor
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Attachments for excavators

Excavators can be equipped with various attachments, which allows them to perform certain tasks. Depending on the type of canopy, the equipment will be operated on a particular object. Here are some offers on the market today:

  • Planning bucket. Its volume is from 0.8 to 1.1 cubic meters. meters. It is used during construction, for cleaning and leveling areas.
  • The stump remover is equipped with sharpened teeth for more efficient work.
  • Fang-disintegrator is used to work with frozen ground.
  • Rock bucket allows you to work in quarries, it has a reduced width, and the teeth are longer.
  • The clamshell bucket is used to work with bulk cargo.

In the production of attachments, low-alloy steel and alloys are used, which increase the service life of the product. Turning to us, you get models that fully comply with international standards.

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