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These are just examples of the parts we can make for you. To order, we can produce almost any part. All the dimensions of the pieces are individually created according to your needs.
Rotary mower
Hiller adjustable
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Attached equipment for motoblocks

Not everyone knows that motor cultivators that are designed for tillage can significantly expand their capabilities with the help of attachments. It is important that it matches the power and weight of the device, and also has the same type of attachment. The following nozzles are on the market:

  • flat cutters to fight weeds;
  • hillers for hilling crops;
  • potato planters and potato diggers;
  • rotary and segment type mowers;
  • sprayers;
  • grinders;
  • wood splitters;
  • snow blowers;
  • harrows and more.

That is, with the help of these devices it is possible to perform various actions using a monoblock.

Turning to us, you get only high-quality nozzles made of hard alloys, which prolongs their service life. Each model meets international quality standards.

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