Manufacture of attachments and other works with laser CNC

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Attachment manufacturing
Other manufacturing
Decorative items
Panels and screens
Panel on the wall
Railings and fences
Wall decor
Interior items
Wickets and doors
Sectional fences
Hangers and key holders
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Work equipment capabilities

Modern technology is used in manufacturing. It leads to the feature to realize the engineers’ task fast with a minimum inaccuracy.

Laser cutting is used in manufacturing. It allows getting an accurate cut of metal, which does not require further processing. It is possible to reduce production costs due to modern technologies. This type of cutting is considered the best solution if you want to get a detail without error, even if it has difficult contours. This type of metal processing ensures the correct connection of sheets and a high-quality weld, which allows extending the service life of the equipment and ensure compliance with international standards.

150х300 cm
Processing area
20 mm
Max. cutting thickness
0.1 mm
Movement accuracy
250 mm
Max. pipe diameter
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